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Here you can find some of the most asked questions about Intensive Driving Course Glasgow FAQs.

If there’s something on your mind that isn’t covered here about our driving crash course or driving instructors in Glasgow FAQs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us! We’re more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding starting your Intensive Driving Lessons Glasgow driving course with us. Just give us a shout and we’ll provide you with all the information you need!

We’re a small but well experienced driving school that specialises in organising driving lessons and intensive training courses. We’ve been around since 1998 and take pride in our track record of success, which you can check out on our website. Our team of fully qualified driving instructors have worked with us for years and are passionate about helping you become a confident and safe driver, or aim is to put you at ease behind the wheel and become a confident driver.

We’re based in Glasgow, covering the South Side and West End. If you’re located far from the local driving test centre, don’t worry! Your instructor can arrange to pick you up and help you with this. We cover the following areas in Glasgow:

Paisley, Govan, Cardonald, Pollokshaws, Shawlands, Newlands, Cathcart, Battlefield, Govanhill, Partick, Hillhead, Langside, Anniesland, Scotstoun, Barrhead, Giffnock, Clarkston, Newton Means, Renfrew and Pollok.

We understand that it’s important to feel comfortable and at ease during your lessons, which is why we offer home pick-up services in Glasgow around the local areas we cover. However, your instructor can also look at picking you up or off from work, school or college if it’s within the areas covered. You can talk to your instructor in more detail about what is best fit for you.

Before you start, your driving instructor will need to see your provisional driving licence. Then relax, we will put you at ease and begin your driving training and we recommend bringing a bottle of water to stay hydrated during your intensive lessons.

Our intensive driving courses typically require you to take time off work, as they involve 4 hours of driving per day. We usually schedule lessons in the mornings or early afternoons, depending on instructor availability, but can try to work around you best time too. If you have specific scheduling needs, please let us know when you talk to us about booking your course, so we can try our best to accommodate you.

Yes, we understand the importance of taking breaks during longer driving sessions. Your instructor will take you to a nearby location (like a local large supermarket) where you can take a break, grab a drink, and use the restroom.

We’ll start your course in a quiet location so you can get used to the car and basic driving skills, like moving off and stopping, junctions, and more. As you gain confidence and master the basics, we’ll gradually introduce more challenging skills like roundabouts, crossroads, and dual carriageways. Once you’ve covered all aspects of driving and showing us your ability to handle them, we’ll simulate a mock test so you can get a feel for what the actual driving test will be like and we can gauge how you would have performed.

Yes, all study materials for the theory test are included in the price of your course! You’ll get access to the Highway Code, hazard perception videos, multiple choice questions, and everything else you need to prepare. The actual theory test costs an additional £23, which you’ll need to pay separately and book yourself online. The actual driving test, however, is included in the price of your course, and we’ll take care of booking that for you.

We’ll send you detailed instructions on how to book your theory test via email after you book your course. It’s easy – just enter your provisional licence number, select a date and time, and make an online payment of £23. We recommend booking your theory test no later than 2 weeks before the start of your course, so you have time to re-sit it if necessary.

No, it’s not mandatory. A lot of our clients book their driving course and theory test at the same time. As we may have a waiting list for some courses, so utilising this “waiting” time to complete the theory test is the ideal time.

You need to take the theory test at a DVSA theory test center. To find the nearest one, please visit the website

If you fail your theory test, you will continue with your driving course as planned and cover the majority of your lessons. You should book another theory test as soon as possible. Depending on your progress, you can save some hours from the course to use after passing your theory test, before the practical test. Alternatively, you can opt for additional lessons on a pay-as-you-go basis if you require them until you are ready.

Unfortunately, we do not offer discounts for clients who have already passed their theory test as the theory test fee is separate to our courses. However, you can still benefit from the study materials we provide, such as refreshing your highway code knowledge during your course by using the material we will provide as part of your course.

We usually start organising your driving test as soon as you pass your theory test and we will fill in our driving test request form for you. We aim to schedule your test for a date around the completion of your course. Prior to COVID, most candidates would get a test within a week from the course completion date. Even now, where waiting lists are longer, we still manage to get most of the tests up to 80% faster than the waiting list at your local test centers. Typically, this means getting a driving test within 1-2 weeks from the course completion date, but sometimes it can take longer in certain busy locations.

On the last day of your driving course, your instructor will conduct a mock test. If you are ready for the test, you can go ahead and take it. However, if you are not ready, you can request additional lessons (subject to availability) and sit your driving test at a later date if required.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a pass as anyone can fail their driving test. However, we are proud to have helped many clients pass their test over the last 25 years, and have some photos of their success posted on our website. Due to the high volume of courses we offer and complete every week, we do not publish exact pass rates but our pass rate is extremely high as our instructors also conduct train the trainer training and know the best way to learn you to drive to pass your test.

If you fail your driving test, you will need to rebook it at a cost of £62. Additionally, you can book extra lessons on a pay-as-you-go basis to help improve your driving skills to beat whatever the reason was for your test failure. We also offer a service to help find you another driving test cancellation, which is an extra cost on top of the re-test fee.

We offer 5-day, 7-day, and 10-day driving courses and can manage our time around a flexible plan to help you meet your own needs. Our courses are suitable for all levels of drivers, including from learners with little or no driving experience to some with previous driving experience, or for someone with a more overall basic driving skills but needs more time to focus on the fundamentals. If you are not sure which course to choose, please call us at 0141 673 4484 and we can advise you on the best option.

To book a course, please send us your booking enquiry via on online form or call us on 0141 673 4484. After your enquiry, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions. Our team will be in contact with you by phone to confirm your details and arrange your course, start start and payment.

You will pay a deposit or in full (depending on the course) when you book and talk with us. This fee covers the cost of your instructor’s lessons for the course, your driving test, and study materials. The balance of your payment is due no later than a few weeks prior to your course start date. Payment methods may vary depending on what is best suited to you needs, with most accepting bank transfer. Please discuss payment options with us when you book yoru course. Failure to pay the balance as per instructed could result in loss of space booked, with no refunds.

If you need to cancel your course, please do so as soon as possible with us direct. Our booking process involves arranging time with your instructor, booking your driving test, and providing you with study materials, so cancellations can be inconvenience and a financial loss for all parties involved. Therefore, the booking fee is non-refundable. If you need to make changes to your course schedule, you need to obtain our approval to any changes you need, otherwise these changes may be charged.

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